EaseUS Partition Master 13.0 Unlimited Edition Crack [2019]

EaseUS Partition Master Unlimited Edition 13.0 Serial Key 2019 full working is a all-in-one software for Windows that manages your hard drive. It has built in partition management, disk and partition copy and recovery functionality.

In addition, the tool allows you to migrate Operating systems between hard disks or solid state drives, so that you don’t have to reinstall the OS and your applications.

Furthermore, it’s able to convert disks to different storing type (MBR/GPT), set primary partition to logical, or vice versa, and change file system from FAT to NTFS. In conclusion, Partition Manager it’s a very complete suit to work with storage disks, whenever they are traditional HDD or SSD.

Getting started

On this very small section you will get the files we need to activate EaseUS Parition Manager 13.0 Unlimited Edition License Key. It’s worth saying this tutorial supports the following editions:

  • Professional
  • Server
  • Technician
  • Unlimited

Because the crack is a modified executable file, to enable all the features, you need to install a correct and specific version. In other words, the crack might not work with all 11.x version. For that reason, I packed the setup for v13.0 plus the cracked EXE files, for all editions I mentioned before.

You can download the package bellow, clicking on the button. You need third party tools to un-compress, as Windows doesn’t support 7z natively.


On this section I explain how to install and activate the program.


To install the EaseUS Partition Manager 2019 Crack Unlimited Edition, use the setup from the package. Its filename is epm_trial.exe and it’s located on Setup folder.

The installation is very straightforward, and for that reason I am not going to show step by step. Customize it as you like!


On the very last step, DO NOT RUN Partition Manager. If you did it, you must ensure you end all the processes before cracking.

The image below is just for proof. Notice on the top, there is a button to insert key or purchase the product. Obviously that means the program has trial license.


Finally, we are ready to crack the program.


Our goal is to activate Partition Manager. We are about to accomplish that replacing files in the program location, so there is no need to use keygens or patchers.

From my package, there is Crack folder. After, there are sub folders for each edition, and inside there is a simple executable file, named Main.exe.

There is a file with the same name on your EaseUS Partition Manager location. The difference is that, the one from my package has been modified to enable all the features for the specific edition.

As you might wonder at this time, all you need to do is place the modified Main.exe on Partition Manager installation folder.

Let me be more detailed.

    1. If you have a x86 system type, browse to C:\Program Files(x86)\EaseUS\EaseUS Partition Master 13.0\bin, otherwise, if you have a x64 system type browse to C:\Program Files\EaseUS\EaseUS Partition Master 13.0\bin.


  1. (Optional) Locate the Main.exe file and rename it to Main.exe.BAK, for example. This is only for backup purpose.
  2. Copy the modified Main.exe from the Crack folder, and move it to Partition folder. Replace files if you skipped the step above.

That’s it. Open the program and make sure it’s activated.


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