Advanced SystemCare 10 Serial and Crack

Advanced SystemCare 10 from IObit, is an easy to use yet complete suite for Windows PC optimization. It’s built to clean, optimize, speed up, protect your system and secure your online privacy.

With a simple and user-friendly interface, as well a great 1-click approach, Advanced SystemCare 10 is a great example of balancing the program’s tuneup power capabilities and simplicity.

The new major update brings some new additions such FaceID and Surfing Protection & Ads-Removal to enhance your PC security. In addition, IObit claims a larger database for Privacy Sweep, Spyware Removal and Real-time Protector, that helps you remove more threats and fix privacy issues.

Some of Toolkit items, already available on previous versions, were rebuild and improved. For example, Startup Optimization, Hardware Accelerate, Surfing Protection, Resource Manager, MyWin10, Large Files Finder, etc. This set of tools will explore your PC’s full potential and make it run faster.

Enough said about Advanced SystemCare 10, let’s dive in what really matters here. This tutorial goal is simple: activating the new Advanced SystemCare version.

This is a long article! On a very small section, the first one, I am going to provide links to download ASC, and that’s it, just making your life easy, I hope. The following sections are all about activating ASC, where I present three methods. On the proper section, I do a sumarry about them so that you choose the most appealing for you.

Download Advanced SystemCare 10

You can download the ASC free version from direct sources. Usually IObit redirects you to sponsor websites such CNet. Click here to download


Maybe surprisingly to you, I am going to type two ways. Well, in fact, you can find three sub-sections through about activating ASC, where two actually work anytime and with any version 10.x, and the third one is, let’s say, a genuine and honest method. The last isn’t really a trick. IObit usually makes giveaways, with licenses for one year or so, and if I find some of these keys I will post on the third and last section.

What’s the difference between first and second method, you ask!

The first one, consists on downloading a DLL file and place on ASC folder. The DLL file was retrieved from a previous ASC version, 9.x, and allows you to use any valid and genuine 9.x giveaway key straight away on 10.x version, which wouldn’t work without that DLL. The advantage is that you are about to use valid license keys, which still don’t exist for 10.x version. The downside is, any time you update ASC (to 10.1 for example), you must repeat this procedure.

The second method, consists on preventing ASC program to connect some hosts, therefore blocking the activation process. As you block a specific host name, any time you attempt to activate ASC, with fake licenses, you get an error due network failure, however ASC gets upgraded to Pro. This is a good trick. In fact, old but gold. In opostion to the first trick, this one is better because as you update to newer versions, say ASC 10.1, you will keep all the Pro features. And, if for some reason, you get Free version back, no problem, just insert the key again. The hosts file won’t change, unless you do so!

As already mentioned, the very last section is dedicated to original/genuine license keys, usually giveaway keys. No tricks, it’s just insert the license number and enjoy full version!

First method: Replacing OFCommon.dll

Considering that you installed ASC, now download the DLL file. To make the description easier, I will refer to this file as crack. Hit the button below to download.

Copy the crack file, we will use it in a moment.

Make sure ASC is not running. Check on system tray. If it has ASC icon, right click and hit Exit.

Browse to ASC installation location. Perhaps, if you have a shortcut on desktop, right click hover it and press Open File Location. Otherwise, manually browse to …

  • For x32 systems: C:\Program Files\IObit\Advanced SystemCare
  • For x64 systems: C:\Program Files(x86)\IObit\Advanced SystemCare

Look for OFCommon.dll. If you want, just as a backup, rename it to OFCommon.dll.BAK. Just take a look to the image below.

Finally, paste our crack. Make sure it’s filename is OFCommon.dll

Next, use the license number below to activate ASC. Keep in mind it won’t work without the cracked OFCommon.dll. To insert the code, open ASC, on bottom right click and paste the key on text input area.


That’s it, you should have Pro version now 🙂

Second method: Blocking host access

This method consists on changing Windows hosts file. Add a new entry with a host name and make it redirect to your computer IP adress, preventing ASC validating the keys.

I have a fully dedicated post about editing host file, check it here and add the following entry:

Once you edit the host file, you can use any fake key to activate ASC. Get them below.

Click here. You will see a Ad for 5 seconds! Skip it, and you reach Pastebin where you can pick any license. Thanks for supporting me 🙂

To insert them, open ASC, on bottom right side click Enter code, paste the key and click Register Now.

You mus get an error due connection failure. That’s fine. Anyway, you now should have Pro version.

Third method: Giveaway keys

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