Windows 10 Redstone 2 Build 14901 ISO

The first Redstone 2 build is out 🙂 Microsoft is releasing the very first build, 14901.1001, for Windows Insider on Fast Ring. Redstone 2 will be an update to come around 2017 for Windows 10. It’s known this won’t bring major features as Redstone 1 did, compared with Threshold versions.
For now, this build is only available for PC. Windows team is still working on releasing the Redstone 1, aka Anniversary Update, for mobile devices, so you will need to wait.
As a result of very early release stage, the main goal for now seems, to optimize the Core of Windows, polish the OS. Preparing everything for the next step that is implement planned features that couldn’t be ready in time for Redstone 1.
As expected, this build doesn’t have anything to be excited about. Therefore, as part or this warm up for future work, it is worth highlighting that,

…these builds may include more bugs and other issues that could be slightly more painful for some people to live with.

You can read the full post on Feedback Hub or Windows Blog.

As always, I want to share some ISO’s if you wish to perform a clean install.


As I can’t upload every ISO for every edition/language/architecture, I always like to provide sources to ESD. ESD it’s a compressed file that Microsoft distributes for Windows Update. It’s possible to create the common ISO files by decrypt, uncompress windows installation files, and create the install.wim from install.esd. There is a tool for that, and you can know more about it here.

You can get some ESDs here. Credits for Wzor




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