HD Tune Pro 5.60 Crack

Hard disks or SSD’s (Solid Storage Disk) don’t last forever, and depending on how you use them and the ambient conditions, these memory storages can have problems very early. HD Tune is a disk utility for Windows that supports HDD and modern SSD to test their performance, scan for errors, check the status, and other functions like wpying (writing zero bytes on all sectores) the disk

On this tutorial I will show how to have the Professional version. Unfortunately, the Free version lacks on essential features, so if you are looking to really test your drive, you might consider buy the product. This post supports latest version 5.60 released on 7 May, 2015.

Getting started

For this tutorial you will need to install HD Tune Pro (free trial) and download an executable file that was modified it will enable all Pro features. You can get those files below

Official setup

The trial mode is free for download, so you can use the official resources. Click here for download


Download the crack by clicking the button below.


First of all, run the setup file and install HDD Tune. When the installer is completed, uncheck the start HDD tune option. Of course, if you already have it installed (the trial for Pro edition, not the Free edition), you can skip this step.

Now, extract the executable file, HDTunePro.exe, from the Crack folder

Next, browse to HD Tune installation folder. For x32 windows sytem type, the default location is C:\Program Files\HD Tune Pro, while for x64 system type is C:\Program Files(x86)\HD Tune Pro.

Optional but recommended: On HD Tune installation folder, rename HDTunePro.exe to HDTunePro.BAK (example). This is only for backup purposes.

Therefore, copy the cracked HDTunePro.exe and paste it on HD Tune installation folder. If you skipped the above step, you must replace files.

That’s it! You now have the Pro edition 🙂

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