BitTorrent Pro 7.9 Crack

BitTorrent Pro is peer-to-peer file protocol communication widely used to distribute data over the internet. It’s commonly used to share large files, such as games, movies, software, and so on.

The BitTorrent Pro edition has some benefits:

  • Removes ads
  • Protection against virus and malware
  • Run torrents while downloading
  • Convert downloaded archives

This article only supports specifically the version 7.9.8 (build 42450).

Getting ready: Files you need

In order to accomplish our goal, there is a set of files we will need, such as the setup, and the additional and cracked files to enable all Pro features and remove ads.

Because the cracked files support a unique version and very specific build, I decided to compact everything into a single file, to make sure you use the correct version. Click on the download button below to get the package.


It’s very important you follow all my steps.

If you have BitTorrent installed, please, uninstall it. Then, run the file BitTorrent 7.9.8 (build 42450).exe to install the right and last version.


Make sure BitTorrent is not running. Check your system tray. If you see BitTorrent icon, right-click and click Exit.

Now, hold Windows and ‘R’ keys at same time. A Run dialog should popup. Type the following: %appdata%\BitTorrent. Now click OK or hit Enter key. Windows explorer will open on directory %appdata%\BitTorrent. This is where BitTorrent program files are located, by default.

Go to the package file I provided you, browse to Crackb> folder, and copy all the files there. Paste them on BitTorrent folder (%appdata%\BitTorrent). You should replace them.


That’s it. Try to open BitTorrent. You will notice there are no ads. You can also check the information under Help < About.


One final step. I would recommend you to go to the Settings, under General uncheck Automatically install updates.


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