Avira System SpeedUp 2.6 Crack

Avira System SpeedUp is an optimization suite with many tools capable of boosting your PC.
The program cleans junk files, reduces boot time, cleans browser and other program related files to keep your privacy and fixes registry. It includes a set of disk tools to fix errors, defrag it, and has a wiper to fully remove data, to never be possible to recover again. Additionally, the program has backup and restore features, as also software uninstaller and power efficiency to make your battery life last more or to full power your PC. There much more features there that you will find out 🙂
On this tutorial I want to show you how to activate the Avira System Speedup
THIS MIGHT BREAK OTHER VERSIONS. This post is dedicated to With future new releases I will try to keep this post up to date

Getting started: files you need


If you don’t have Avira SpeedUp installed, you need to download the setup file. I just noticed that now Avira is introducing a launcher where you can install Avira products and launch/manage them. If you don’t have it, you can download the program here. Yes, it will installed the launcher + System SpeedUp. A bit annoying… If I found a workaround I will update this section.

Install the program following all the instructions. No trick here.


You also need to download the crack. The “crack” are, in fact, two modified Avira installation files.
Click on the button below to download the file and move to instructions section.

Instructions: Must read!

Now that you have the patcher on your local disk and Avira SpeedUp is installed, we can activate it.

First of all, ensure Avira is not running. Open the task manager (right-click on your task bar and then Task Manager or press Control+Shift+Escape keys) and make sure the following services are not running. Check on Details and look exactly for the processes below.

  • Avira.SystemSpeedup.SpeedupService.exe
  • Avira.SystemSpeedup.UI.Application.exe
  • Avira.SystemSpeedup.UI.Systray.exe

Finally, as Avira is not running, you can copy the files inside Crack folder, and Paste it on Aviras installation directory.

  • For Windows x32 system: C:\Program Files\Avira\System SpeedUp
  • For Windows x64 system: C:\Program Files (x86)\Avira\System SpeedUp

You must replace the files. If you want, before moving the cracked files, you can simply rename the original ones to *.BAK. Just a preventive measure, in case something goes wrong you just need to remove the crack files and rename the original ones.
Once you place the crack files on the folder, that’s it. You should have Avira System SpeedUp fully activated. 🙂

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