Ashampoo Office 2016 Crack

The new, modernized Ashampoo Office 2016 is fully compatible with the current Microsoft Office 2013. This fast and compact office suite comes with word processor, spreadsheet and presentation applications and convinces with intuitive handling and a vast feature set. New features in Textmaker make creating text documents easier, more logical and versatile while Planmaker now offers advanced features such as pivot tables, conditional formatting and improved clarity and readability. Stunning multimedia presentations with animation, sounds and videos are now possible with Presentations. Full compatibility with Microsoft Office ensures seamless interoperability between users of both office suites.

Today I will show you how to activate Ashampoo Office 2016. This tutorial was written on 2nd August and ONLY supports version 2016.0.2076.741

Getting started: Files you will need

For this tutorial you will need to get Ashampoo Office 2016 installed and an extra files which are three executable files that have been modified (cracked). If you already have Office 2016 installed, make sure you download the crack files.


You can download the setup file from the official sources. Click here (direct link).



You can download the crack pressing the button below. The zip file contains three executable files (the main exe’s for Textmaker, Planmaker and Presentations).


First of all you need to install the Ashampoo Office 2016 using the above setup. If you already have it, skip this step.


(you can see on Help there is an option to buy the product. After cracking it will disappear).


Now, make sure Office 2016 is not running.

Extract the cracked executables and move them to Ashampoo Office 2016 installation directory. You must replace the current files. A good practice is to backup the original files. You can do it by changing the original file extensions for .BAK (very common extension used with the intuition of backup) [example: PlanMaker.exe.BAK]. After that, you can move the cracked files.

Just another note, the installation folder for Office 2016, by default, is C:\Program Files\Ashampoo\Ashampoo Office 2016 for x86 Windows systems, and for x64 systems is C:\Program Files (x86)\Ashampoo\Ashampoo Office 2016.

As a proof, you can see it’s activated. You no longer have an option to purchase the product.

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