Driver Reviver 5.9 Crack

Today I will show you how you can easily activate Driver Reviver from ReviverSoft to full version.

Files you will need

Setup + Crack

I usually provide cracks and setups on separated files. However, because the crack is the main executable file of the program (with modified bits of course), I am going to share the full package. Keep in mind the cracked file should only be used with a very specific installation version, so make sure you have already installed. If that’s not the case, uninstall your current version and use the setup I am providing. You can hit the button below to start the download.


As I mentioned on the previous section, the crack is the main program executable file with some modified bits. As you can imagine, you need to browse to the Driver Reviver’s installation path and replace the files. I recommend you to backup the original file. Let’s make it more direct and clear.

First of all, make sure Driver Reviver is not running. Check on system tray. If you see Driver Reviver, right click and Exit

Browse to C:\Program Files\Reviver Soft\Driver Reviver.

[Optional] Rename DriverReviver.exe to DriverReviver.exe.BAK. This is just kind of backup. If something goes wrong (imagine they block the crack), you can always restore the original file by deleting the cracked one and removing .BAK extension.

Move the cracked file to the directory. Make sure you pickup the correct file. If you have a x86 Windows system, use the crack inside x86 folder. Otherwhise, if you have a x64 system type, use the crack inside x64 folder.

That’s it

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