DAEMON Tools Lite 10.4 Crack

DAEMON Tools Lite is a popular software to create image, mount and edit a wide range of image files and virtual disks such VHDs and TrueCrypt.

Getting started: Files you need

On this tutorial, I am guiding you how to activate DAEMON Tools. There are several products, and one of those is known as Lite. The Lite edition software has basic functionality. It is availble as Free edition, with Ads and lack of support. Aditionally, Lite is also available to purchase. The only benefit of having personal license it’s getting away from the offers (ads) and enabling ALL features available within this product. On this section I will provide you the needed files and on next section I give further details with step by step instruction.

Where to download the setup

You can download the installer from the official website. Click here

Download crack files

This files are essential to fully enable the program. Keep in mind these files are for a very specific version of DAEMON Tools Lite:

If you attempt to use them on newer/older versions, you may end up corrupting the program.

Click on the below button to download the crack files. It’s essentially two files (an executable and a DLL) compressed on a 7zip file, however there is a folder for 32-bits and 64-bits.


Installing the program

The file you downloaded on the previous section is a online installer (not full setup). On first launch, it will give two options for licensing. Click on Free license with ads.

It will now download the full setup and automatically run it. Once again, it will show options for licensing. Select the option Free license. Follow all steps to conclude the installation.

The final window will show a successfully message. Disable the checkbox Run DAEMON Tools Lite. This is mandatory. If you accidentally run DAEMON tools you will have to manually end all tasks, otherwhise you won’t be able to replace files.


Finally, we are ready to crack the program. It’s as simple as replacing two files. However you must be carefull with which files you use, as it depends on your Windows system type. If you are running a x86 system based, use the content inside of 32 bits folder. Otherwhise, for x64 system based, use the content from 64 bits folder.

  1. Browse to the DT Lite installation path. By default, it’s C:\Program Files\DAEMON Tools Lite (for both x86 and x64 system types).
  2. [Optional] Rename DotNetCommon.dll and DTAgent.exe to DotNetCommon.dll.BAK and DTAgent.exe.BAK. This is just like a backup. It will change the extension of the files. You can use whatever extension you want, but usually BAK extends for backup.
  3. Copy/Move the files from the crack folder to the DT Lite folder.

That’s it.

It was a simple process. If you run DT Lite, and check out the license information, it will not look like you have the full version, However you do, because the all the features are enable which wouldn’t happen if you were on Free version.

Any question OR if new versions are available, please leave a comment 🙂

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