Uniblue Powersuite 2016

Uniblue Powersuite 2016 monitors and maintain your PC automatically, without any expert knowledge from you. Keeps the PC updated, otimized, fixes and clean registry and frees a lot of space on hard disk and keep it healthy. Additionally, includes a driver update, live time resources management and much more.
On this tutorial, I will show you how you can easily activate Powersuite 2016, a Microsoft Partner Application Development.

Getting started: Setup + Crack

Powersuite has no trial mode, as common programs. Once you install it, the only way to use it is proof that you bought the program by entering a valid licence.

1- Install Powersuite. You can download the setup from official sources. Click here
2- Download this compressed RAR file. It contains our crack, which contains a simple .dat file


On this section, I will cover how to use the library.dat file.

1- Open installation location of Powersuite. By default, it’s:
Windows x86 – C:Program FilesUnibluePowersuite
Windows x64 – C:Program Files (x86)UnibluePowersuite
However, if you installed on other location, browse on Start Menu and open file location.
2- Rename the library.dat file to library.dat.BAK (2). This is an optional step, but recommended.
3- Extract the library.dat (1) file from the RAR file. This is the cracked file. Just move it to Powersuite installation path.

4- Open Powersuite. It will ask for a serial number. Get it below

Click here. Skip the Ad to reach Pastebin page

5- That’s it. Enjoy 🙂



Important notes

I have latest version installed (, however under Powersuite Information dialog, it says I have version Why?
A: This happens because the of library.dat file. It contains information about version installed. What happens, is that the cracked file is outdated and it will show version However, you have the latest version and you can check File version. Note that this won’t affect software update. The program compares file version with data available on servers.


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