IObit 2016 All-Products Crack

Hello folks. I am very happy to announce a new version of my crack for IObit 2016 products. Since last release back on January, I did a lot of improvements and added more programs to the list. Another great new is that my crack is based on Windows system commands, which means it doesn’t require .Net Frameworks anymore.

Supported programs

The new version supports
Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 9
Advanced SystemCare 9.x
Driver Booster 3.x
Malware Fighter 3.x and 4.0 *soon*
SmartDefrag 5
Uninstaller 5.x


Activator for all IObit productsDownload crack details

  • File Name: IObit2016_30.rar
  • File Size: 0.04 MB
  • Password: not needed
  • Hosted on: Zippyshare

Download Crack



On this section, I will explain how to use my program, which is very simple.
1 – Extract the executable file, and run it. It must run with administrator privileges. The executable file has a mafinest configuration file that makes it request administrator priviligies, however, I am not sure if this works on Windows XP.
2 – On launch, you will see a menu. It’s a simple list of IObit products and correspondent digit. For example, for Advanced SystemCare Ultimate is 1, for Malware Fighter is 4. These numbers match the input you must enter using the keyboard, right after

Select the product:

Everytime you launch the program, you will also see (hopefully) a message saying

**********Preparing ‘hosts’ file**********

3 – Once you enter an option, the program will make changes either on Registry or hosts file. When completed, you should got a successful message. The program will also output a product key (except for Uninstaller, no key is required). This key will be used to finish activation process. Overall, you just need to open the main window of IObit product you are attempting to activate, access the registration windows and paste the key. You will see a proxy error message, which is supposed, but at the end you have Pro/Full version 🙂

4 – The last line of the program asks you to press any key. If you do that, the program will clean the console, the menu will show up again and you can either select another product to activate OR exit the program.


19th April

Hello folks, today I am announcing the 30th build of my activator. On this small update, I did several behind the scenes changes, making my crack more reliable. Several imrovements include better support for error messages. You feedback is crucial if you get any error. Please, report below :);
On this version, I am also including option to activate Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 9;
The crack will now provide you the licence number on the console output (note that this is not needed for Uninstaller). It will also automatically set it to the clipboard, so it’s ready to use/paste. On the previous release you had to came to my website in order to retrieve the key, so I think this is a nice addition;

The output messages are now more clear and only provide the essential details;

16th April

First release


Your feedback is very important in order to keep this crack working. Several tests were made, however it’s possible something goes wrong. My code is prepared to worst cases, but there might be some unknown cases where my code will fail. If you have some problem, please submit below.

Thanks everyone!

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22 Responses

  1. kenny says:

    what is the serial numbers for IObit Uninstaller 5.3 Pro

    • hyrokumata says:

      No serial number is required 🙂 The crack will automatically upgrade to Pro version. Run crack and re-launch Uninstaller 🙂

  2. Simone Di Lernia says:

    i can’t download the crack! At download page appears the message “Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition has blocked a page! A malware has been detected! Access to this page has been blocked.” Even if I click on the link below multiple times, I can’t go further..
    I’ve already tried to disable the antivirus: nada.

  3. jack says:

    my computer says its virus, just to make sure if that virus doesn’t mess around with my personal stuff

    • hyrokumata says:

      It’s safe. I wrote the program using BATCH. However, I couldn’t add a security and distribution certificates (I would have to pay for them, and they are very expensive). That’s why your antivirus might report it as unsafe.

  4. Shark Peddis says:

    I’ve Windows XP, and it doesn’t work… When I type the number and Enter, it closes automatically… (I open it using Administrator privilegies)

  5. Kareficer says:

    Just here to thank you, great work!!

    Do you have material about hacking that you can share? Do you give classes about it?

  6. AllFvckedUp says:

    Where’s the Zippyshare link for this activator?

  7. Carlo says:

    There is no download link for the crack!
    Since you updated the website a lot of older cracks are no more available!!!

    • Fábio Daniel says:

      Yeah… The migration didn’t went as suppose since WordPress converted HTML and Javascript code into plain text… Will update this as soon as possible.
      Thanks for the report

  8. Derek Castro says:

    Download link?

  9. Derek Castro says:

    Where is the download link?

  10. hyrokumata says:

    First of all, thanks for your help, captain 😉
    I didn’t forget it, the problem is after I upgraded from Blogger to WordPress, WordPress decided to convert JavaScript and HTML to plain text, which is a big shame. Therefore, there are a couple of posts still out of date, without functional code and links. This is one of them.
    Why I haven’t updated this one yet, you may ask. I just lost hope on some IObit products such Smart Defrag, Uninstaller… they just don’t generate traffic, at all, and for that reason I didn’t update those posts yet. I will probably delete them and just work on future versions releases. About this crack I made on batch, I will just stop working on it since most antivirus say it’s a threat, just because I edit the system hosts file. Therefore, people start blaming me for nothing but false positive warnings. Oh well… Driver Booster 4 is there, typing Advanced SystemCare 10 article right now, and eventual new releases will appear here again.

    • Kishiro80 says:

      Wow , Sir ~ you shouldnt feel bad at all. You did a good work !

      I have been downloading from your website since last year i think(?)

      Its nice .

      Before , i think they didnt detect your crack as trojan. But now its called as trojan by windows defender. :/

      I understand why its happening. Im an IT guy too ^^
      . Nice job . The hero we need.

      • hyrokumata says:

        Exactly, Windows Defender is a nightmare for developers… it fires false positive warnings for no reason!
        I am glad you appreciate my work 🙂

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