Camtasia Studio 8.6 Serial

Hello folks, finally I am updating this tutorial, now supporting the latest Camtasia 8.6 version. Big thanks to everyone who sent comments alerting me the previous method wasn’t working anymore. – 27th November.

Downloading Camtasia Studio and activators

If you already have Camtasia Studio installed, please remove it, otherwise this may not work.
You can download the latest Camtasia version from the official website. Click hereor click here for direct link (English).

Run the setup to install Camtasia. Choose trial licence.

On final stage, make sure the option to Start Camtasia 8 after installation is disable.


You will need to download the crack/activator. You can grab it here聽(password: hyrokumata). No working keys at this moment 馃檨


Step 1: Hosts file

We first need to edit a system file, called hosts.

First of all, run the Notepad with administrator rights.
How? To do it, you can easily search Notepad on start menu, right-click, Open as Administrator. Other alternative, is browsing to the folder Windows Accessories inside Start menu files. Expand the folder and you will find the Notepad. Right-click and run as admin.

Ok, now that Notepad is running with administrator rights, allowing you to create and save files on protected system directories, on File click Open and browse to the directory C:WindowsSystem32Driversetc. Pro tip:聽Because you ran Notepad as admin, the initial path is (might be) by default C:WindowsSystem32 (1).
Ok, the folder will look empty. That’s because by default Explorer will only list Text files. Below, on the dropdown box, click All Files (2).
Finally, select hosts (3) and click Open (4).

Copy and paste the below code, back to the Notepad insert a black line and Paste. At the end, the file must have an input like below.

Finally, go to File and Save.


Step 2: Crack

This is just the final step to finally activate Camtasia. Go to the Crack you download on top (or click here to download聽(RAR is protected. password: hyrokumata) in case you missed it).

You will find two files, one for Windows x86 based system, and other for x64 base system. You can check what Windows version are you running on Control PanelSystem and SecuritySystem.
Open the right crack for you and select any Serial. That is it.

Leave your feedback please 馃檪
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  7. The name is Camtasia Studio 8 Serial

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    It didn't work for me the "Activate" didn't show. 馃檨

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    Thanks for posting..Your site is my good for Camtasia Studio 7 (h)

  19. Thanks, but maybe keys was dead. it didn't work for me

  20. IT ACTUALLY WORKED!!! The second code i put (which was the last) With one of the comments that said here (The name is : Camtasia Studio 8 Serial ) It worked! Thanks!!!!! SOOO!!!!! MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCH!!! :))

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    YES! Second code I tried worked perfect. Copied and pasted not the last code but one above. Haha Thanks!
    Is there something I can do for you?

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    help me guys.

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    dont work for me…;-(
    i already disable my firewall and still the same
    help me guys

  32. Umm…. how do i get it to work? tried them turned off the internet but still nothing ;((

  33. guys it really worked……amazing

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    BTW u can just delete the KeyValidation.dll file in the trial period and it'll work forever 馃檪 (or ust turn off ur wifi when using) only problem with that is it will auto update so probs best with first option.

  38. THANKS SO MUCH 馃檪 (h) :-d

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    Works as of 12/1/14! I deleted KeyValidation.dll from the Techsmith/Camtasia Studio 8 folder, opened the program, entered a code, then it froze. After it closed, I restored KeyValidation.dll from the Recycling Bin, and it appears to work now! Thank you so much!

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    Pox balasi isleyir.sevdim seni

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    Tutorial has been updated 馃檪

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    But does anyone else get a Microsoft C++ runtime error while rendering a video, after successfully activating? 馃檨

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  73. not work with camtasia 8.5

  74. OMG it work for me Thanks so so much!!!!!!!

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  77. thanks a lot.. It work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 馃檪

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    This works, thank you so much, and thaks too spider for the tip

  79. great, works for me, Thank you.

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    The version I downloaded was 8.6. And it works! Thanks very much F谩bio 馃檪


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    It worked thanks sooooo much

  83. como faz para ter direitos do administrador

    • hyro says:

      Ol谩 馃檪
      Quanto 脿 sua quest茫o, basta fazer login numa conta do Windows que tenha controlo total. Esta conta 茅 designada de administrador. Se apenas existir uma conta no Windows, obrigatoriamente tem capacidade de administrador.

      Uma conta de administrador 茅 uma conta de utilizador que lhe permite efectuar altera莽玫es que ir茫o afectar outros utilizadores. Os administradores podem alterar as defini莽玫es de seguran莽a, instalar software e hardware e obter acesso a todos os ficheiros no computador. Os administradores tamb茅m podem efectuar altera莽玫es a outras contas de utilizador.

      Quando configurar o Windows 茅 pedida a cria莽茫o de uma conta de utilizador. Esta conta 茅 uma conta de administrador que permiti que configurar o computador e instalar quaisquer programas que pretenda utilizar.

  84. gangadhar d says:

    worked perfectly for me , guys do it in proper way as said above it works 100%.
    thanks to hyrokumata

  85. vizagblues says:

    No host file found on my system. Strange. Any Clue?

  86. vizagblues says:

    I didn't see the host file anywhere in my system. Its windows 7 pro 64 bit..

    • hyro says:

      Sorry by taking so long to help you… That never happened to me, however you can still repair it manually by creating your own hosts file.
      I recommend you to see this Microsoft article. I think the explanation is very clear, just see the Windows 7 section.
      Any question reply this comment 馃檪

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    Muito obrigado pelas chaves,valeu mesmo! 馃檪

  88. yeah,, its work maaan!!! i really big thanx to u

  89. Yay, That's Works broo!, Arigato Gozaemas

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    It works but I said I can use Camtasia but will try to valiade my Key.. is that normal? xD

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    just a problem i can't use it with a internet conection it is a solution to block camtasia from use internet ???

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    Working keys!
    You are good people!xD

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    OH it works! Though i downloaded the file from the official website 馃檪 It still works!

  94. Are you kidding? Oh guy, I can't believe… I did worked for me. Thanks a lot guy

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