AVG PC TuneUp 2016 Serial

Looking for AVG PC TuneUp 2016 for free? You came to the right place.
So far, no crack or keygens are needed. I have a couple of licence keys that activate AVG TuneUP.
The instructions are very simple.
1. Download the setup from official website(ignore if you already have TuneUp installed)
2. Install
3. Run TuneUp, go to Help < Activate product
If you don’t see this option, check the Troubleshooting section below

AVG PC TuneUp 2016 Serial

4. Fill the name and organization with random stuff :p
AVG PC TuneUp 2016 Serial

5. Use any product key below

Click here! You will be redirected to Pastebin. Support us by skipping the Ad 馃檪
6. Click Next/Finish
AVG PC TuneUp 2016 SerialAVG PC TuneUp 2016 Serial

That is it. Enjoy 馃檪
Leave your feedback please 馃檪
AVG PC TuneUp 2016 Serial

AVG PC TuneUp 2016 Serial


I have received a lot of feedback reporting the Activate product option is missing. That might happen because you installed a product, like AVG Zen, that includes PC TuneUp. This article only supports AVG PC TuneUp 2016 as single product.

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223 Responses

  1. An贸nimo says:

    Gracias por el serial, todo funciona a la perfeccion. Saludos!

  2. An贸nimo says:


  3. Ana Alabana says:

    Thanks a lot, works perfectly!

  4. An贸nimo says:

    Thank you so much! It's perfec, my TuneUp finally working 馃檪

  5. Unknown says:

    thank s it s work perfect 卮賰乇丕

  6. Harry Joshua says:

    I don't see ACTIVE PRODUT!! help meee!! :c

  7. thanks its perfect for my

  8. An贸nimo says:

    Thank you! 馃檪

  9. An贸nimo says:

    Thanks! 馃檪

  10. _RAFAEL_ says:

    Muito bom, funciona mesmo

  11. Unknown says:

    Thanks a lot. it's great and working. Greetings from Poland.

  12. An贸nimo says:

    thanks a bunch this is amazing <3

  13. Tthanks for it..These keys are working well….:)

  14. THANK YOU VERY MUCH… computer has been cleaned.

  15. Syed Zaidi says:

    thanks a lot:-) God Bless You

  16. worked like a charm. thanks a lot 馃榾

  17. 100% work ! thank you very much !

  18. Ni帽o Ambos says:

    You're amazing! Thanks for everything…
    Everything works! Gracias! Kudos!

  19. vishal patil says:

    thanks it works perfectly. but i have a question. for how many days does it works ? or is it like we have to enter the key all the time we open PC tune up ?

  20. A primeira chave j谩 deu para ativar. SIMPLES E R脕PIDO!Obrigado! 馃檪

  21. An贸nimo says:

    You miracle worker. Many thanks.

  22. hidayati says:

    thank you.. it worked

  23. An贸nimo says:

    And this is organic search result #3 for "pc tuneup activation key"!!!
    Suspicious, but hey: it worked and I'm not afraid to cheat.


  24. An贸nimo says:

    it works

  25. Gracias por la ayuda!!! Genial!!!

  26. An贸nimo says:


  27. Unknown says:

    Muito obrigado. Que o seu trabalho continue com essa mesma energia.

  28. Unknown says:

    awesome!!!!! thanks so much!

  29. Unknown says:

    awesome!!!!! thanks so much!

  30. Kyle Treyes says:

    wow!….it realy works…..tnx a lot!?

  31. Kyle Treyes says:

    wow! it realy works tnx a lot!!!

  32. Queston Peel says:

    excellente… perfecto… Gracias..

  33. Queston Peel says:

    excellente…. perfecto….gracias…

  34. Iberno Regis says:

    It works great! Thank you so much!!

  35. TeOh says:

    thanks man, its work~!

  36. An贸nimo says:

    Hyrokumata Rules !!!
    Thank you very much !!! 馃槈

  37. Unknown says:

    arigato gozaimasu! it help me !

  38. Thank you very much. Fantastic.

  39. An贸nimo says:

    Thank you very much. Fantastic.

  40. An贸nimo says:

    graciiias !!!!

  41. Drika says:

    Muit铆ssimo obrigada F谩bio Daniel!

  42. An贸nimo says:

    Muchisimas Gracias.
    Un abrazo.

  43. An贸nimo says:

    GRACIAAAS!!! I love you 馃檪

  44. obrigado!!!! Muito bom! Fuinciona mesmo… valeu!

  45. An贸nimo says:

    aaaww thank you so mucch!!gracias <3

  46. monsur habib says:

    sir, i have installed the AVG PC tuneup now but there is no activate product showing, under help menu only AVG PC Tuneup help, AVG website, AVG support website and About are showing, Activate product is missing as told by you, pls help me how can find this

  47. umm ahmad says:

    THANK U SOOOOOOOO MUCH u really haled me!!!

  48. An贸nimo says:

    Thanks so much! Was looking for this for a while, worked right away!

    Muchas gracias! Estube buscando esto por un buen tiempo, funcion贸 de inmediato!

  49. Kiwi says:

    Thank you so much

  50. NAH ARDI says:

    sukron jazilan ya saiyid

  51. monsur habib says:

    Thanks for your quick response and support. I have installed the tuneup utilities and it is working fine.

  52. An贸nimo says:

    Gracias por compartir tan valiosa informaci贸n, me resolvi贸 el problema.

    Atte., Gabriel.

  53. DM Maceda says:

    Hi, i have no sub menu "Activate Product" on help menu, and im still on my 27th day trial period how do i crack / activate the product please help kindly send me a message at dnmhigh@gmail.com thanks

  54. Zahid Aziz says:

    Thanks and appriciated. 100% working

  55. Dumb!!! says:

    thank you… 馃檪

  56. Jorge Anibal says:

    Muy agradecido, funciona a la perfecci贸n… buen trabajo

  57. Irwan says:

    It works, right at the first pick of those serial numbers.. thanks man..

  58. varaprasad says:

    Tq soo much .. its working..

  59. Thanks.It works Perfectly!!!

  60. Mary Ox says:

    Muchas Gracias // muito obrigado

  61. An贸nimo says:

    muchas gracias!

  62. fikray says:

    Greetings, i have installed AVG Zen, How i get menu "Activate Product" ?

  63. Unknown says:

    That was totally awesome. Thank you

  64. Dan Lui says:

    a la primera, gracias

  65. :D says:

    man.. thx a lot!!!!

  66. An贸nimo says:

    Muchas gracias!! esta perfecto!! Todo funciona al 100%.

  67. Unknown says:

    Todo correcto muy bien si me gusta lo que hace me lo compro 馃檪

  68. Unknown says:

    Most excellent, worked perffectly!

  69. Mutsirini XD says:

    Thank you !! Works Proprely 馃檪

  70. Yuri Mu帽oz says:

    Muchas gracias men…Saludos

  71. Unknown says:

    Thanksss a lot. It works 100% 馃檪

  72. Unknown says:

    CA MARCHE du premier coup;

  73. Lori Idrees says:

    Thank you so much! Keep it up Bro

  74. Cacchino says:

    thaks it's work really good!

  75. Cacchino says:

    thaks it's work really good!

  76. An贸nimo says:

    It's work really fine!!! thanks

  77. An贸nimo says:

    Funciona perfectamente, gracias!


  79. Anonimo says:

    Excelente post! Neta

  80. Unknown says:

    Works like a charm. Thanks alot!!
    Greetings from GER.

  81. Gerald Jazh says:

    Thanks very much…it worked

  82. thank you so much .its really work greetings from india

  83. An贸nimo says:

    Thx, Bro.

  84. An贸nimo says:

    Thank you! I downloaded from avg and used one of the product codes.

  85. An贸nimo says:

    Genio! Gracias

  86. An贸nimo says:

    Thank you very much! Greetings from Spain!

  87. Maxitto says:

    Excelente, Gracias!!!

  88. Luis Hidalgo says:


  89. jose leon says:

    eres un crack gracias

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  91. Memo says:

    Todo excelente, muchas gracias!!!

  92. An贸nimo says:

    good work thank you..

  93. haerul azmi says:

    thanks lots ,its really help me

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  95. Unknown says:

    thanks dude, its work like charm !!!

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  97. excellent..terima kasih, it works

  98. Unknown says:

    Thank you so much for your help!

  99. Carlos Alves says:

    qual 茅 a senha para extrair ?

  100. BluSky says:

    Asking for password for the zip file. Please help

  101. Nawai Sahar says:

    Thank You so much, it works perfect.

  102. Muito Obrigado, voc锚s s茫o os Melhores!!!

  103. Great Dude…….. Code Works……..

  104. An贸nimo says:

    Todo perfecto gracias

  105. manuel says:

    Genial,me sirvio,amigo por casualidad tienes la clave de Antivirus Avas?Muchas gracias,

  106. BluSky says:

    "Activate product" is missing in Help

    What do I do now to Activate…?

    Print Screenshot

    • hyro says:

      Hello, could you please tell me from where you downloaded PC TuneUp? I suspect that you didn't installed AVG PC TuneUp 2016, but you download, for example, AVG Zen which I think contains PC TuneUp. If that's the case, this tutorial doesn't apply for you :/

  107. Bang Jek says:

    Perfect its work…

  108. Unknown says:

    Thanks it saved me alot of money

  109. thanks..u save me alotof money..

  110. Irfan says:

    Thanks a ton, works 100%

  111. Nurul Athirah says:


  112. AMAN says:


  113. DerJuno says:

    nice man!!!
    thanks a lot!!!!!

  114. chicho says:

    thank you, eres genial!!

  115. innercircle says:

    thank you, u r my savior…

  116. Jesus Villa says:

    Gj men
    Skipping the Ad

  117. javron says:

    tHANK YOU men, stupid windows10 dont left me boot w7 , old code pc tuneup expired of backup but you code work it for activate.

  118. Ultimate investor says:

    Thank you so much

  119. Muchacho says:

    Thank you men very much :)))

  120. Brandi Love says:

    Thank you so much 馃榾

  121. PRAY says:


  122. thanhdang says:

    Thank you so much <3

  123. Joseph Gonzales says:

    it doesnt work

  124. Nabila says:

    It works! Thanks a lot!

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    Merci beaucoup 馃檪

  140. Edvin Sinko says:

    Thank you <3

  141. Maddalena Cioce says:

    The installation doesn’t work for me. Anyway, can you update the program after inputting the serial, or is it like the other versions and you can’t update it?

  142. Natasha Andersson says:

    Thank you I appreciate this post 馃檪

  143. Carlitos Lop茅z says:

    Gracias genio, me salvaste! Cree la cuenta para agradecerte jaja, Saludos

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    it works well

  162. Oscar says:

    Gracias por la Llave de producto, 100% funcional

  163. maca says:

    muchas gracias!! funciona perfecto

  164. Game on the Throne鈩 says:

    Thanks! Your site is very helpfull! Sucess!

  165. hyrokumata says:

    Probably you installed AVG Zen suite, that contains AVG PC TuneUp. You need to install AVG PC TuneUp as a single program, and not integrated on Zen suite!

  166. Thanks for the software.Keep it up.Really Good Work :)a

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