TuneUP Utilities 2014 Crack


You must do not know but now AVG PC TuneUP and TuneUp Utilities are the same. So, if our tutorial to activate AVG TuneUP 2014 is not working for you, try this one. The difference between AVG TuneUP and TuneUP Utilities is just the icon 

This method for TuneUP consists in running a cmd file that will block the contact of the program to the server. Then, you must install TuneUP Utilities 2014 trial provided in the official website. Finally use a key that is available in this post.
I would like to remember that key only will work after you ran the cmd file

Let’s start by the first step that is run the file. Remember you have to run it as administrator and also if you do not run it the key probably will not work.
Download all files. Is a .zip file no problem and also no surveys (because I also hate them a lot)
The .zip file contains the cmd, a text file with the key and also links to download the tuneup.


So, when you get the .zip, unzip it or with other words extract the files. Righ-click in disable_activation.cmd and click Run as Administrator

A prompt windows will appear and close almost instantaneously.
Let’s go to step 2!

Now if you have to install the trial version (15 days). You can find it in official website
Portuguese (Portugal) 
Portuguese (Brazil) 

Download and run the file. Very easy to install. 

I recommend you to do a customized installation to disable the auto-updates and also to reduce the number of shortcuts that are annoying. 

 In the group of updates in the middle uncheck everything


 If a notify to check for updates show-up ignore it. Click “Remember me later”

Finally the time of true
Run TuneUp Utilities. It will appears a windows saying that X day remain. If you look at the bottom in the left side you can see a kind of link saying “Enter Product Key”
So, click in there. A new window will show-up and you have to fill three textbox.

Write a name and organization as you wish. That does not care. But, in the key field past this

You will get a successful message. Enjoy it!
Please if you are getting trouble contact me by e-mail hyrokumata@outlook.com or leave a comment (no accounts needed)

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